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Operates as both a “first port of call” and a “last resort” for many people. As a well-known organisation embedded in the local community, people contact us for a myriad of reasons: help with furniture, household goods and food; counselling for those in mental distress; welcome, hospitality and companionship for the lonely; advice and informal advocacy for those struggling with bureaucracy or those who slip through the net of statutory services; group activities and training for those ready to move on in their lives.

Our organisation is a community of staff, volunteers, regular service users (“guests”) and well-wishers in the wider local community. Maundy Relief has a profound influence on all the people who are involved with it at whatever level. We believe that change is best brought about by an immediacy of response combined with building sustained and holistic relationships with those we encounter.


Maundy Relief is a registered charity which was co-founded by Sister Dorothy McGregor, the Rev. Len Singleton and Alan Freeman in 1998. Following a chance meeting in a printer’s shop, Dorothy, Len and Alan decided that they wanted to do something practical in response to the pressing needs within their local community.

They started off by operating from their own homes, distributing food parcels and goods to destitute and homeless people and by providing a vital listening ear to those in distress. From these roots, Maundy Relief has grown to become a well-established provider of social care in the local area.


About Dorothy

The organisation is a vital source of stability and compassion in the lives of hundreds of people, across several generations. On the inception of Maundy Relief, Dorothy said, “There was nowhere else that anyone could go, without having to fulfill certain criteria, without questions, immediately, and if necessary, forever”.

Dorothy, as well as being an ordained nun, had a wide and varied professional background encompassing such diverse strands as social work, nursing and twenty three years in the probation service.

Dorothy passed away on 3 May 2013.  We continue to work tirelessly, as she did, to support the most vulnerable members of the community.



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