Can you donate a little to help a lot?

Maundy Relief is running low on some items that we provide to those in need. It would be very much appreciated if you could provide us with any of the items listed below to enable us to donate them to those who need them:-

* Baked bean
* Soup
* Tuna
* Tinned pasta
* Tinned meat
* Toilet rolls

Please note these items are given to those who need them in our food parcels as well as using the ingredients in our community meal which is provided at the drop in from Monday – Saturday at 1pm. All are welcome!




Maundy Relief on the BBC!

Maundy Relief featured on Newsnight on 4th January 17.

The programme covered the issue of benefits sanctions and the impact on job seekers. The section featuring Maundy Relief starts about 15 minutes into the programme.



Maundy Relief Christmas day drop in

Christmas day drop-in

An enjoyable afternoon was had by all who attended the Maundy Relief drop in on Christmas day. We shared Christmas dinner as well as presents and friends of Maundy dropped in throughout the day to share this festive time together.

We are open today as usual between 12.30pm and 2pm for a warm welcome, conversation as well as a hot meal. All are welcome!



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