Key Scheme

Maundy Relief Key Scheme

Maundy Relief has received funding from the national charity Crisis to enable us to develop a housing project to support individuals to secure accommodation in the private housing sector. 

The Maundy Relief Key Scheme provides support to obtain a suitable property from a reputable private landlord/agent.  We can also provide assistance with benefit forms, help to get started with a tenancy and in certain circumstances, a cashless bond.

Once the applicant has moved into the property they will receive on-going support in the community from Maundy Relief Key Scheme staff or they are referred to Calico Floating Support and where necessary other support agencies.

Those applying to the Maundy Relief Key Scheme are assess for their suitability for the scheme to ensure that they will be eligible for housing benefit and that we are able to meet their potential support needs. 

Who can apply?

To be eligible for the scheme individuals also need to be between the ages of 25 – 60 with no dependents, be homeless or insecurely housed and have a local connection to the Hyndburn area. 

What the Key Scheme can offer successful applicants?

  • Support to claim housing benefit and form filling.
  • A training course ‘Passport to Housing’ providing personal, social and financial guidance into running a home and maintaining a tenancy.
  • Liaising with the landlord / agent to help secure the tenancy.
  • Ensuring that the property reaches health and safety requirements.
  • We can provide a cashless bond to the landlord/agent.

What the Key Scheme can offer tenants in their homes

  • Support and home visits to help you to sustain your tenancy and manage your home.
  • Liaising with landlords and other services where necessary.

How to look for a property

Locating a property can be a daunting prospect!

Maundy Relief Key Scheme staff will work with eligible applicants to undertake property searches and view properties.  The properties may be single occupancy or multi-occupancy properties with reputable landlords/agents who are collaborating with the Maundy Relief Key Scheme.  Alternatively eligible applicants may find their own property and Key Scheme staff will contact the landlord/agent to see if they agree to the terms of the scheme. 

A personal story of how the Key Scheme has helped

Ron Arkwright has received support through Maundy Relief Key Scheme and just moved into a property.  Ron said ‘With me being homeless I was lost and did not know where to turn to.  I was sleeping on the streets for two months until I contacted Maundy Relief and Dorothy put me in contact with the Key Scheme.  The Maundy Relief Key Scheme has taken a large weight off my shoulders they have guided me through every step of the way from finding a house to collecting the keys and sorting out services.’  Ron went on to say ‘I feel fantastic about the house and it will make a bloody big difference.  I can now invite my close family and friends over to visit and I can be closer to them and build the relationship.’

How to apply

For an informal discussion about the Maundy Relief Key Scheme and to see if the scheme is right for you ring Key Scheme staff on 07954180058 or 01254 232 328.  Support staff or agencies acting on behalf of the applicant can also contact the Key Scheme and request the referral/expression of interest form.  The applicant will be invited for an interview should they meet the Maundy Relief Key Scheme criteria. 

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