Maundy Relief Outreach


A significant number of people helped by Maundy Relief find it difficult to leave their homes to visit us. Reasons include physical mobility and mental health problems. In addition, peoples’ home circumstances can often be their main problem and it is necessary for us to visit in order to offer support and help.

We support a team of volunteers who have offered to spend time ‘in the community’ with those who seek our help. This help ranges from providing friendship, companionship and social opportunities to those who are lonely and isolated through to advocacy, practical support, informal case management and co-ordination of a various other agencies involved in the care of those we support.


Our aim

is often to help people get to the stage where they can come into Maundy and access the range of other services we offer. However, sometimes people are never able to achieve this (or choose not to) and our volunteers are committed to supporting and befriending them on an open ended basis.


Our ‘Success Stories’

include supporting several people through the process of finding and moving into more suitable accommodation, being a constant and non-judgemental presence through a range of different life crises and helping people deal with chronic and life threatening illness.

We take referrals directly from anyone who feels that they might be helped by visits from a Maundy volunteer. We also accept referrals from third parties including statutory agencies such as the NHS and social services.



We welcome applications from potential new volunteers who would like to spend some time on a regular basis with people who often have no-one else to support them. Please feel free to drop in and see us for more details.


  Further contact details:

 phone us on 01254 232 328, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for further details


All are welcome




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