The Bridge at Maundy - young people's counselling service

The Bridge is a counselling service for young people aged 11-22.

We offer counselling for young people who wish to talk to someone; for example you may want to talk about:

  • Anger Management ( feeling angry and don't know why )
  • feeling depressed / anxious
  • making friends / keeping friends
  • chaos at home
  • bullying
  • having a tough time
  • parents splitting up
  • death of someone special
  • confused feelings about who I am
  • wanting to hurt myself or others

Our team of professional counsellors have been trained to work with young people. We will provide a safe space for you to feel comfortable enough to share things that are worrying you.  Our counsellors will listen to you, try to understand what it must be like for you, and help you to come up with your own solutions to your problems.  We are friendly, considerate and will listen to you whatever your problem or concern.

Our Anger Management Service offers a high quality service that is not generally available through the NHS or other public services in East Lancashire. 

What happens after contacting The Bridge?

One of our counsellers will see you for a first session; this will give you the chance to ask any questions you may have about the service.

More sessions can then be arranged for you depending on how you feel about seeing a counsellor; the choice is yours.


Our counselling service is confidential, which means that what you discuss in your sessions will stay between your counsellor and yourself.  (However, if your counsellor has serious concerns about your safety or that of someone else, he or she may need to talk to someone else about it.  Your counsellor will be able to discuss this with you in detail).


For more information on seeing a counsellor,

call Telephone: 01254 233 467, Mobile: 07538 958 097

or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

'The Bridge at Maundy'
21 Abbey Street

Office opening times: Monday to Friday, 9:00am - 4:00pm




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